How to Store Meal Prepped Food

If you happen to work lengthy hours otherwise you monitor your calorie consumption, you’ll have began meal prepping, or getting ready sure meals forward of time. Understanding easy methods to retailer your meals is essential to guard your self from meals borne sicknesses and illnesses. You’ll be able to put your meals within the fridge or the freezer to maintain your meals protected and make it style good whenever you reheat it.

Conserving Meals within the Fridge


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    Place your meals into hermetic containers. Glass or plastic containers which have lids are nice for storing meals in. Preserve some hermetic containers in your kitchen to retailer your meals in for the best possibility.[1]

    • You may also use sealable plastic baggage for non-liquid meals objects in the event you don’t have any containers.
    • If your meals is heat from the oven, you don’t have to let it quiet down first earlier than you place it right into a container.[2]

    Skilled Trick: While you’re meal prepping, it is essential to maintain the whole lot organized in your fridge so you do not neglect what’s in there. For instance, you may preserve all of your hardy greens in a single crisper drawer and all of your leafy greens in one other. Additionally, in the event you chop your greens forward of time, place them in a transparent container so you’ll be able to simply see what’s inside.

  2. Retailer lower vegetables and fruit in a container with a paper towel. Line your hermetic container with a dry paper towel after which place your fruit or greens on high of it. The paper towel helps to maintain out moisture and makes your produce keep contemporary longer.[3


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    Retailer your meals within the fridge beneath 40 °F (4 °C). Most fridges are set round 35 to 38 °F (2 to 3 °C). Examine the temperature on your fridge earlier than you retailer your meals to ensure it’ll keep chilly sufficient all through the week.[4]

    • Most fridges have temperature dials on the within that you could examine.
  4. Put your containers on a shelf, not within the door of the fridge. The door of the fridge is probably the most vulnerable to temperature change because it swings out towards the open air. Put your containers on the center shelf of your fridge to maintain them on the most stage temperature.[5]

    • The highest shelf of the fridge is often the warmest, so it’s greatest to maintain any cooked meat on the center shelf of your fridge

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    Eat cooked meat inside 5 days. Beef, poultry, and fish keep good for 3 to 5 days within the fridge. Attempt to eat your meat inside that timeline for the perfect texture and style.[6]

    • If your meat smells rotten or appears to be like discolored, don’t eat it.[7]

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    Eat uncut fruit and greens inside 2 weeks. Attempt to retailer your vegetables and fruit as entire items to make them last more. You’ll be able to preserve your vegetables and fruit within the fridge for as much as 14 days.[8]

    • If you happen to do lower up your vegetables and fruit, eat them inside 3 days.
    • If you happen to discover any discoloration on your fruits or greens, lower these components off earlier than you eat them.
  1. Put your meals into plastic hermetic containers. Select a plastic bag that seals or a plastic container with a lid to place your meals in that your plan to freeze. Avoid glass containers until they’re tempered or particularly made to be frozen.[9]

    • Glass expands because it will get chilly, so it might crack whether it is in your freezer for a very long time

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    Retailer meat, fruit, and greens within the freezer. Cooked beef, poultry, and fish, in addition to lower fruit and greens could be saved within the freezer in hermetic containers. Keep away from freezing deli meats or dairy merchandise within the freezer because the temperature might change their texture and style.[10]

    • Freezing your meals is the perfect safety towards food-borne sicknesses and meals poisoning.

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    Eat meals saved within the freezer inside 6 months. For the reason that freezer is so chilly, you’ll be able to preserve meals in there rather a lot longer. Attempt to eat your meals inside 6 months of freezing it in an hermetic container.[11]

    Tip: Meals within the freezer will keep good for 8 to 12 months, but it surely in all probability gained’t style as nice.


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    Minimize off any components of your meals which have freezer burn. Freezer burn occurs when your meals is uncovered to the moisture within the freezer. If you happen to discover ice crystals on any components of your meals, lower these areas off earlier than you eat it for the perfect style and texture.[12]

    • Keep away from freezer burn by ensuring your meals is sealed in an hermetic container.

Reheating Your Meals

  1. Thaw frozen meals in your fridge in a single day earlier than reheating them. Take your meals out of the freezer and put them within the fridge for no less than 8 hours. This provides the meals an opportunity to heat up with out going dangerous.[13]

    • You additionally gained’t must warmth your meals up as lengthy in the event you let it thaw earlier than you eat it

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    Microwave your meals in the event you use glass containers. If your meals from the fridge or the freezer is packed in a glass container, you’ll be able to put the whole factor within the microwave. Flip the microwave on in 1-minute increments and stir your meals round to get the best-tasting meal.[14]

    Warning: By no means put a glass container within the oven. The warmth of the oven might trigger your container to shatter.

  3. Switch your meals to a plate in the event you use plastic containers. Plastic containers shouldn’t be put within the microwave, because the chemical substances from the plastic can leach into your meals over time. Dump your meals onto a plate earlier than placing it within the microwave at dwelling or at work.[15]

    • The chemical substances in plastic sometimes solely leach out when it’s heated up, not when it’s chilly or at room temperature.

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    Warmth your meals within the oven for a extra even temperature all through. When you’ve got the time, unfold your meals on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Set your oven to 325 °F (163 °C) and cook dinner your meals for 20 to 25 minutes.[16]

    • Attempt to put issues that may get soggy, like potatoes or greens, into the oven as a substitute of the microwave.

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    Be sure that your reheated meals reaches 165 °F (74 °C). Use a meat thermometer to examine the interior temperature of all of your meals, together with greens. If it has not reached the right temperature, put it again within the oven or microwave till it does.[17]

    • If you’re reheating sauces or gravy, wait till they attain a boil earlier than you eat them.

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